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Friday, January 25, 2013


I bought WOUNDED SPIRITS by April Gardner because I have known the author since she was a little girl. I wanted to see what she had written and get acquainted with her writing style. Besides, I liked the idea of a book about Native Americans, since I have a little bit of Native American blood myself.

This is a fabulous book with some romance in it. Mostly, it’s the early 1800s historical story of the Zachariah McGirth family, their relationships with the natives, and the Creek wars. It’s a story of war and loss, prejudice and survival. The main character is Adela. She is the middle of the McGirth daughters and the one with the most common sense. She is a Christian with convictions, and she strives throughout this book to live as Christ would have her live—in the most difficult of situations. Adela is the one who literally keeps the family together and helps the others in their hours of greatest need. I fell in love with her.

Contrasted with Adela are her two boyfriends, Phillip and Totka. One shows her true love, and the other thinks he loves her. Another contrast is between Adela’s two sisters: Elizabeth and Lillian. I loved Adela’s parents, Zachariah and Galena. They are opposites, yet complimentary. There is a depth to these people that’s revealed as the story is told.

I was amazed at Mrs. Gardner’s ability to tell about the war as if she were a seasoned warrior herself. The skirmishes and battles really live. She describes both the Native Americans and the settlers with an evenness and lack of prejudice, though she exposes the prejudices of the time and the reasons behind them. She understands the problems on both sides of the war. The ending is just right—and it makes you want to read the sequel. (Mrs. Gardner has written a sequel, Warring Spirits. Yay!)

I look forward to reading more of Mrs. Gardner’s books. This one gets five stars.


  1. Mi espíritu esta herido, junto con mi mente y mi cuerpo. Pero he comprendido como cerrar esa herida gracias a lo que escribes aquí y a lo que estoy estudiando diariamente gracias a el libro de estudio que me has dado. Si que me ayuda y si que necesito como dijiste abrazos. Como dijo el Pastor el Miércoles yo estoy en mi tiempo de abrazar.


    1. Todo el mundo necesitamos al Señor en nuestros momentos más difíciles. (Everyone needs the Lord in our most dificult times.) Gracias por tu comentario. (Thank you for your comment.)

  2. Thank you for the beautiful review! It feels like a couple of lifetimes have passed since my childhood years in Spain, but they are treasured memories!
    I'm blessed that you enjoyed the book so much. These are the reviews that make the hours of writing worth every beautifully, agonizing moment.
    Adela, Totka, and Phillip aren't past their hardships yet. Another war is looming on the horizon! :-)

    1. Thanks for your visit, April! I encourage EVERYONE to read your books. I'll let you know when I get my hands on Warring Spirits. :o)

  3. Replies
    1. You would love it. The historical setting is true, so it is doubly valuable. Many of the characters, though she fictionalizes their lives, really lived. I really enjoyed it for many reasons. Thanks for your comment.

  4. Replies
    1. I think you would love it, Lauren. Thank you for commenting.


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